Friday, July 4, 2008

Fed-Nadal: By the numbers

1. In 6 matches, Federer has 84 aces and Nadal has 40.
2. Federer is 3-0 in tiebreaks, while Nadal is 4-0. Something may have to give here.
3. Fed has not lost a set while Nadal lost a set to Gulbis in the 2nd round.
4. Fed is winning 61% of his 2nd serve points, while nadal is winning 57%.
5. Only 20 of the 128 men were able to win at least half of their second serve points.
6. Federer has won 5 consecutive Wimbledon Titles.
7. Borg and Federer have won more consecutive Wimbledon singles titles (5) than any other male player under modern rules. Only William Renshaw won more consecutive singles titles (1881-86), but in Renshaw's day, the defending champion played only one match, the Challenge Round.
8. Fed has won 65 matches in a row on grass.
9. Fed is 6-11 v. Nadal.
10. Fed is 2-0 v. Nadal on grass.