Monday, June 23, 2008

Get ready for Strawberries and Cream!

Welcome to the Fortnight, your source for opinions and insight on the third tennis major of 2008. We hope you enjoy yourself as you peruse our virtual tennis center. Before you get started it might be a good idea to take a look at the official Website, just to get an idea of the magnanimity of the event that has just begun.

The Fortnight is under way! That's right, tennis on grass, for the love of the game, and the love of money, and god, and whatever else you want to throw in there. Hooyah. I'm watching Safin on ESPN 2 and it looks so greeeeeeeen!

Ever wonder how you look in all-white? Well, if you were lucky enough or good enough to have the pleasure of playing at Wimbledon, you'd know.

Here is a look at some photos of day 1. That grass won't be so green at the end of the fortnight.

Speaking of the end of the fortnight, I am ridiculously excited about what might go down on the men's side. It's always such high drama there, with Roger Aka our holy father Federer toting 12 majors and the last 5 wimbledon crowns. Then you have Nadal. Remember him? The guy who meticulously deconstructed the aforementioned god on the hard clay of Roland Garros? He's got huge biceps that he flaunts like Madonna. Yeah, that guy.

And then there is Novak. He's already won his first match (but he did lose a set). Did I just hear he plays Safin next? Holy London Bridge! Rush to your TV sets now kiddies, catch the grass while it's still green.

These big three men and their challengers, plus their counterparts in the women's singles draw, should provide enough captivating tennis for yours truly to float through two weeks in a state of perpetual bliss-soaked tennis euphoria. Two dream-like serve-and-volley filled weeks, with the fourth of July serving to mark the beginning of the end, as we near the eventual crowning of the king and queen of the storied grass of Wimbledon.